Cow Devotional Excellence

 ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ॥ गौ भक्ति उत्कृष्टता॥ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~



Our Aim( हमारा  लक्ष्य )

Our aim is to conserve & maintain their livelihood and identify such overcome such as : the cow mudered ( गौ हत्या ) form the such heartless persons which such have no feelings about them, they do only for such monetary needs.We all should have to one unit and inovation  all the human of all relegion.


Kamdhenu Pashu Seva


 The importance of honarable mother cow cannot be explained in words .Our members ,self volunteers all are devoted to complete protection to the whole homeless, stolen cow race of this area &our neighours . Presently there are 200  r more cows are in shed.

"We call  forth allthe generous cow lovers devote to come forward and with their body,heart and money."

~~~Shubham sahu (mikkey) ~~ 

                      Seva Samiti

"Sirf Jeena hi Kafi Nahi             hai Mere Doston"

Recent Activities :-


                      BY THE STORM""""

       विचार क्रांति अभियान